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Request to downgrade subscription six weeks ago, still no changes nor replies


Hello Zoom Community,


I hope I can find some help in this channel, as I have been contacting Zoom for six weeks to downgrade our subscription without any success. 


We want to downgrade our subscription from Zoom One Business to a Pro Plan active together with the Webinar 4 license and Cloud Storage and Zoom Scheduler. I contacted Zoom one month before our plan was set to renew. Here I am, six weeks later, with no changes to our plan, we were automatically rebilled for our old and incorrect plan, and I have not received any replies from the Zoom team in over two weeks.


In the plan management page of our admin account, we cannot make any changes to our current plan (the options are greyed out) and it just says to contact support. I sent multiple requests through the contact form shown in that link, and I never received any reply (not even a confirmation email). This started six weeks ago. 


I then started trying other channels, telephone and chat. The chat support person said they would send me an email, and they never did. 


I eventually found the support ticket system and opened a ticket, and I finally got a response (BIL1097881). After multiple back-and-forth messages that went round in circles, the person said making the changes to our plan was beyond their scope and transferred my ticket to a new ticket (GR0258484). I never received any replies to that ticket. No one ever sent any invoice either.


Can anyone help? How can Zoom force us to contact their support to make changes to our plan and then not respond to any support requests? Has anyone else managed to downgrade their subscription? We are extremely frustrated and concerned at this behavior, and we'd greatly appreciate any help.