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Query on zoom pro accounts...


Hello team,


We are having multiple Zoom Pro accounts for our company (Employees).


I have a query on this.


I want to know the difference between having 4 separate zoom pro accounts vs 4 licensed users in one account.


What is the point of buying multiple new user licenses in one account vs buying 4 separate new accounts?


If the cost and benefits are the same in both, then why is this option available in Zoom platform?


We already know:

  1. Only one person can host a meeting in one zoom pro account at a time. Another person can host it when this account is available. Till then he/she cannot host another meeting.
  2. If we want to host 2 different programmes at the same time, we must either have 2 different zoom pro accounts or 1 pro account with multiple user licenses.


In this case, we want to know whether there are any differences between these two options. Is there any extra benefit or payment offers, if we buy multiple user licenses in one account or buying multiple separate zoom pro accounts for each individual?


Kindly let us know the difference.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



In my opinion, having one account with all of your licensed users in the same account is the best option.


Having one account with all of your users makes user management easier. As well, configuring the account settings will be streamlined.


in addition, Zoom features such as scheduling privilege and the alternative host ability will become available. 

This approach also allow for better security as you would be able to use Zoom features such as Managed Domains and SSO.



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