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Inquiry Regarding Payment Method for Zoom Pro Account


Dear Zoom Customer Service Manager,

I am [Your Name] from Jeju Education Office. I am reaching out regarding our intention to utilize a Zoom Pro account, and I have a few inquiries regarding the payment method.

  1. Currency of Payment: We plan to proceed with payment using a credit card. Could you please confirm if payment is made in US dollars or if it can be processed in South Korean Won?

  2. Payment Unit: At our education office, payments in South Korean Won can only be processed in increments of 10 Won. Could you kindly verify if it is possible to make payments for the Zoom Pro account in South Korean Won, specifically in increments of 10 Won?

I would appreciate your prompt response to these inquiries. Please feel free to contact me if further information is required. I look forward to hearing from you.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



You should be able to select country and currency on the Zoom Plans and Pricing page. I don't believe Zoom can accommodate payments in specific increments. 

Billing and Payments