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Extend Meeting on Zoom One Basic Plus


I was going to cancel  Zoom Pro today because I was feeling like the price of the Pro plan was too high for my infrequent use and not needing many of the features. When I clicked in to cancel, Zoom offered an option to go to a new Beta tier called Zoom One Basic Plus that's more like Basic but allows for extending up to 4 meetings/month to 80 minutes, so I decided to give that a try, but now I don't know how to use the meeting extensions and haven't been able to find any information about it in the support area so far. I realize I may be looking in the wrong place. Does anyone know more about this & could help me figure out how to use this new feature? 



I've got the same problem! 

Hi Dave. I forgot I posted this & didn’t update it, but I have since discovered that the option to extend comes up when you’re within an active meeting. Hope that helps! 

Thanks. Yes indeed, that's helpful. I'd wondered if that might be the case, but didn't want to get the meeting going only to find there was something else I should have done beforehand in order to have longer than 40 minutes.


I'm having the same issue. I upgraded to the Basic Plus. I was in the middle of a meeting and was unable to locate the extend button. It was not by the time, where I understood it would be. My only thought is, I will try to start a brand new link for next time and hope the extend button pops up, but this is unclear. I'm having a hard time finding any information or support for this plan too, and the bot doesn't recognize it. 


I had the same issue - no clear option to extend.  And it dropped a very important meeting at the 40-minute mark!  Not sure this is worth the extra $.  Hopefully, someone other than the Zoom AI virtual agent will read this and respond.