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Email address for login is no longer working. Reverted to an old email address, and won't change


When I set up zoom years ago I used the hi@ email address.
I then changed it to kylie@ as I had a new staff member using hi@ and I wanted to have full login myself.
Somehow it's now changed itself (ZOOM!) back to hi@ and I ca n't change it back.
I have tried to contact support and the CHAT tells me I'm not eligible for support - even though I have a paid account, which I think is outrageous! 
One of my team members has the login, however I, as the company owner, should have it. No matter how hard we try, we can't change it back to me. I have screenshots and all manner of things to share. Please help! 
p.s When I try change the Zoom account's email address to kylie@ the message I receive is that kylie@ is already registered ... however, I can't log in with that email address. Very frustrating. 
Screenshots attached. Thank you. 



Things are actually going from bad to worse. I'm now being kicked off my own meetings after 40 mins, even though I have a paid account and a yearly subscription! I can't reset passwords and I can't do anything. Tomorrow I am running a full-day masterclass and I cannot operate if I'm being kicked out every 40 minutes. More frustratingly, is not being able to get SUPPORT from ZOOM!