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Can't access our PAID SUBSCRIPTION account - emails not arriving from ZOOM


We have a PAID Subscription Account, that I currently can't access (I am using my personal, unpaid account to write this).

ZOOM is saying that it is sending a 6-digit verification code to my email address (associated with paid acc) - however it is NOT arriving (I have checked junk/spam). Therefore - I do not have access to our paid account.


Everything on the 'helpdesk' page - advises to sign in, then to submit ticket. However - I can't sign in! Iv'e been going around in circle for hours. The most frustrating thing. PLEASE can somebody help? How on earth do I speak or email technical support? Everything diverts back to nowhere (e.g. - "contact Zoom support") - when I click on the links - I'm sent back to a page with a list of options / advice (none of which is working / correct).