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Changed Pro Account Ownership to another User but meeting duration is still at only 40 min.




I recently successfully changed the ownership of a Pro Account to another User account. I followed the instructions in this article Changing the account owner – Zoom Support


All the credit cards details were also successfully transferred and the most recently Invoice and payment dated 14th January was successful and a softcopy was emailed to the other User email.


In the User's (***********, now the Account Owner) Account Profile (please refer to attachment) :


1. Notice that the Basic at the top right, it should be indicated as Licensed.


2. Account Type = Pro (Named Host)


3. Your Role = Owner


4. Meeting Capacity = 100 (should be 500 as we also subscribed to Large meeting)


I hosted a meeting last night (UTC +8) using the *********** but Zoom terminated my meeting at exactly 40 minutes' duration with maximum of 100 participants. I signed out of Zoom, sign in again and restarted the meeting, and the same maximum duration and participants were applied. For the 2nd time I signed out, restarted my computer and signed in again. The same limits happened. I borrowed a friend's Pro Account to continue the meeting without any more interruption.


After our meeting, I reverted the Ownership to the original license owner's email, signed in and started a test meeting which lasted more than an hour.


Was there any step(s) that I missed out or is it a software bug?


Thank you.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi kclee,


were you an user with a paid license when you hosted your meeting?  please check under admin->user management->users.  you should see a type column with 'licensed'.


thanks, eliot




Hi Eliot,


Thank you for your response.



Please refer to attachment Before the Account Ownership transfer.



I transferred the Account Ownership from Original Account Owner (1) to User (2) by clicking on the Change Owner in the Account Profile.



Please refer to attachment After the Account Ownership transfer.


The Account Ownership was successfully transferred to User (2) with all the associated data and credit card details. However, the license was not transferred from User (1) to User (2) as the screenshot shows that User (2) being designated as Basic user type and not Licensed as I had expected.


Thank you.


Time Zone: GMT+8:00

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi there! 


This is working as designed. You have to assign the license manually. If you still need assistance with this, I recommend contacting our Billing support team here for assistance with this as they may need to access your account to investigate.


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