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Cannot update Zoom version


I am a single owner using Workplace Pro, which I assume makes me the User/Admin.  My version is 5.17.7 according to About Zoom.  I have discovered there is an update but "Check for Updates" is not in Profile.  If I go to the Zoom website, locate the updated version, and try to download it, nothing happens.  All that being said, my 5.17.7 version looks completely different now than it did several weeks ago.  I also tried to update the Zoom app on my iPad and was unsuccessful.


Similar issues in this community say to completely uninstall and reinstall.  Is that what I should do?  I can't seem to find the CleanZoom tool that is referenced in the database.  The link to it doesn't take me to the tool.


I can try uninstalling using Control Panel if that is the optimum course of action.