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Can I downgrade from Pro to Basic, then re-subscribe months later?




If I'm on a monthly paid Pro plan and I cancel back to the free Basic plan, can I return 3 months later to the monthly paid Pro plan? If so, is it true that the additional functionality of Pro is lost, and then must be added back in from new again, but what is contained in Basic always stays?


Finally, is there a limit to how often I can transfer back and forth (for example, 6 months on paid Pro, and then 6 on free Basic, repeating)?


Thanks very much for your help!



I am hunting around for this too.  Seems that Zoom have an obvious policy of making 'reversion to Basic' incredibly difficult to find and figure out.   I still haven't succeeded and I've been at it for 30 mins already.   Extremely commercially uncool.  

If you do figure it out, please come back here and explain, to help others - thanks 🙂

I haven't found a policy or any official response. I understand that having a lot of users frequently going back and forth probably isn't part of their business model and something they want to avoid, but I agree that the policy should be publicly stated.


I've only found some (third-hand?) info here:

" I have a friend who has a free zoom account, but upgrades for a month 4x a year to do a small meeting longer than an hour." - Oct 2022, Dimaro, from the last entry here: