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Additional payments


I participated in a masterclass, which was organized via the Zoom platform. As far as I know, using the Zoom platform is free, while my operator charged me PLN 328 for international calls, just in connection with calls made via zoom (connection hours coincide with the hours of watching the live webinar). As far as I know, none of the other users of this event had a similar problem. I would like to add that I was making a call from Poland and the host also hosted the event from Poland. What can cause such a situation? What can I do at this point? My operator (play) has informed me that I need to contact zoom.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Ouch, that is an expensive phone call.   Did you see written somewhere or were led to believe the call would be toll free?  Is there a reason you chose to call the number and not use voice over your computer/phone/tablet?


Unfortunately, I think it is the caller's responsibility (you) to know what you will be charged for placing a phone call..


If you want to share the first parts of the phone number you called from and the Zoom number you called to I would be interested to try to look up why play charged so much.  What is the name of the operator in Poland you called from?



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @veroniekelli.


Not that it will help you directly, but you might send this Zoom Support article to your meeting host:

If their Zoom account originates in Poland, it would seem normal that local Poland phone numbers would be made available.


I'll be honest, though: Most accounts are set up to not permit any toll-calls for meetings and webinars.  The expectation is that if you can access a local direct non-toll number, great; otherwise you will utilize the computer audio.  Unfortunately some people click on the "quick dial" number in the meeting invitation and do not notice that it may be a long-distance toll number.

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