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Account Support


I have been trying for over a month to make some changes to our Zoom account so we can renew for the year.  My account rep has tried to be helpful but has connected me with a renewals manager, but they ask the same questions over and over and will only connect with me over email (which takes days to get responses).  Is there a way to actually talk to someone who can help me on the phone?  I've  chatted, talked to several people over the phone, but apparently the only person who can help me is the renewals manager, and the only way they can help me is over email, and they won't actually help me.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



Please check out our Contact Zoom Support page. You'll find a link to submit a ticket and also phone numbers at the bottom of that page.

I have already submitted several tickets and chatted on the phone with 3 different people.  How do I get someone to reach out to me that can actually help me?