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Zoom and Gmail Automatically adding me to Events

Hi, I work as an assistant and schedule lots of zoom meetings for my boss. I've noticed since the update (we have Version: 5.16.10 (25689)), that every time I schedule a meeting and add it to my boss's calendar and invite the other attendees, once I ...


googleカレンダーとの連携はできていますが、googleカレンダー内で複数のカレンダーを使用しており、1つのカレンダーだけしかアプリ上で連携されないです。追加することは可能でしょうか。 お知恵をお貸しいただけると助かります。よろしくお願いいたします

Recurring Meeting mysteriously deleted

I created a recurring Zoom meeting and then copied and pasted the Zoom invite into a recurring Google Calendar meeting. Later, I edited the Zoom meeting to change from 1st Wednesday of month to the 2nd Wednesday of month. In the Google Calendar recur...

Unable to reconnect calendar and 11111 error

I logged into Zoom to find a "your calendar isn't connected." error. When I click to re-connect, it takes me to a Microsoft screen with an incorrect account email and no ability to switch accounts. Additionally, when I try to add a new linked account...