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Zoom Whiteboards | Disappearing objects and functions at different zoom levels


The contents of my board disappear any time I zoom in/out on a board.
There is a significant lag where objects take a lengthy time to reappear. In many cases at certain zoom levels, the objects never appear no matter how long I wait.
Additionally the cursor flickers and does not indicate the function I am presently in (Select or Grab modes). This means I don't know if I am selecting/editing an object or if grabbing the board to navigate. 
Both of these issues make me unable to navigate my board with any confidence as I can't be sure what I am clicking on or where I am in the board.

These bugs make the Zoom Whiteboard app almost completely unusable for my needs.

macOS 13.5.2 (22G91) 
Version: 5.15.12 (22445)