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Zoom Whiteboard Permissions would not take effect


I've used the Zoom whiteboard with clients before and they had easy access to the all the tools just by showing up in my zoom room.


Today, I had two clients whose cursors I could see on the whiteboard, but the toolbar was invisible to them and I had given them Collaborator rights. They kept getting the error message "host needs to allow or enable..." and I kept getting an error statement about allowing people outside my organization. The parts that I needed to click were greyed out and it seemed I had no working options to give my clients access to the whiteboard. 





I have precisely the same issue. I've followed the instructions below and my students can't write on my whiteboard. I am a primary school tutor and my students told me that they can't find the function to annotate.


  1. Please login to your Zoom Web portal.
  2. Please go to your admin section then Account Settings.
  3. Then go to Whiteboard.
  4. Please look for Whiteboard cloud sharing.
  5. Make sure you have selected 
    Allow sharing with anyone with a Zoom account (same organization and external organizations)"