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Whiteboard doesn't save info anymore


The prolem is with the new whiteboard, which is a disaster. Previously a whiteboard saved all the information. I teach kids, so we wrote sth on the wb, then switched to another app, or stopped sharing at all, and when we came back all previous info was there. I don't need these whiteboards saved in the cloud. I just need all info there during the lessons even if i close the whiteboard. How to solve it? 



I have the same problem, every time I put information on the whiteboard and leave and come back everything disappears. Zoom whiteboard has become useless for a teacher. Most teachers don't care about 20 saved cloud whiteboards for 1 lesson. Why doesn't it keep the information like before the last update? There is no solution in the settings!
Fix it, please!!!!

After the recent change same here. That new whiteboard is awful AND doesn't keep what I write on it. How is this a good change???


Same here. You can find the "used" whiteboards in the web version but not able to share them - absolutely useless and now scrambling to find a solution.  I do a lot on the whiteboard; if this isnt fixed and I mean very soon, I will be ditching zoom. 


If I select line, or arrow etc, you use it once and then it reverts back to pen which means you are clicking back and fore to reselect line - Its terrible. I didn't want or need AI, I don't need a mass of features - It was perfectly  workable before now just adding things without talking to the people that use it. Might as well switch to teams.  

I agree. very confusing and it is such an inconvenience. I am ditching it unless they fix it.


S A M E!


Just posted about the same issue but it seems it is not fixable. What I do is I screenshots the whiteboard and post the screenshot in the whatsapp group i create with students. very annoying, so many features which are completly useless and made it SO SLOW to even open...

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Community Moderator | Employee

Hello there,


We're sorry for the inconvenience and for the late response. 

Kindly check @BakerHe's answer in this post WHITEBOARD GETS ERASED EVERY TIME I CLOSE IT.

Thank you and have a great day! 

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