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FIX zoom chat auto scroll


Zoom chat gets stuck and doesn't auto scroll to the latest messages, I am in a big group  and many times it stops scrolling and you don't know if there are new messages or not, so I don't get information in a timely manner, then I  start scrolling and there are like 10-20 new messages, then it works for a few seconds, and stops - gets stuck again. Using IPAD pro , zoom on iphone also has the  same problem. everything is up to date, fix it please , or let me know how I can downgrade to older versions if it is possible. Thanks



Hi there,


Have the issue with chat not scrolling on the current web client, it comes up with a little red box to say there are new messages but just want it to scroll when new messages come in.  Sometimes if you scroll to the bottom of the chat window it works for a bit but eventually gives up and enters a mode where the little red box isn't there but the chat window scrolls up so you see older messages, and from this you can infer that new content was added to the bottom of the chat, just seems very broken for what must be very core functionality?


Thanks for any thoughts, got to use it for a training course tomorrow and friday so would be handy to fix but don't use zoom if I don't have to so no biggie.

Kind regards, Oscars