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Can't click the option that says "Your Computer" to send a local file in the chat.


Hello, everyone.  Thank you for your help with this.  Here is my issue. 


Until a few months ago, I used to be able to do file sharing from a file that was saved on my laptop -- I could put it up on the chat window by clicking the YOUR COMPUTER option, find the file that was saved in my laptop and then upload it onto the Chat Window for everyone to access it and download it. 


But I can't  seem to do that anymore.  Does anyone know what's going?  I have a MacBook Pro -- iOS Ventura (ie: above 13).  


FYI:  Yes. I tried EVERYTHING in the FAQ's -- including (among many things) going to Account Settings... and enabling File Sharing.  However, it was ALREADY turned on.  Either way, I turned it off.. then turned it back on... nothing.  So, after that... I even logged on and off ZOOM to see if that reset it... nothing.  Changed nothing. 


I even then went into the Chat options... checked every area where I could toggle file sharing... but, still not working. Everything I try does not work. When I click on the "YOUR COMPUTER" option in the chat window... it just stays greyed out... does not let me even click on it.  NOWHERE in the FAQ's does it answer how to fix this overall issue.  I have a PRO account, so it's not like I'm not paying for Zoom.  I am.  But even then, they say I don't qualify for live support.  This feels like they want to suck money out of you. 


Hoping someone here can help me figure this out.   Please.  I appreciate your help.  Thank you.


- Johnny S.