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Access to Chat and Files for Attendees Arriving Late




Is there a setting to allow attendees to view chat messages and uploaded files that were added before they joined? For example, if someone joins late, can they still see the chat and files? 


Additionally, is there a way to attach files, or links that would appear as a banner in zoom (outside of the chat)? 

These files could be added at the time of scheduling the meeting or within the meeting once it has commenced. 


I would like to find a way to add a couple of standard files to the zoom chat that are easily visible and accessible and stand out to users even if they do not have the chat open. 


Thank you. 


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

You can accomplish this by using Continuous Meeting Chat (CMC). But we need to make sure your intended audience are added as "members" to the CMC (as opposed to guests).  The setting needs to be enabled by your Admin and you should double check to make sure it's enabled for you. Then, once you schedule a meeting, it stands up a chat channel in the background.  Once one message is sent, it shows up for everyone in Zoom in Team Chat.
If they are internal users added to the meeting right when you schedule the meeting, then they are automatically members. If they are external, then you need to manually add them as member to the CMC chat channel after you send that initial message to activate the chat channel.  You can do that individually or copy/paste emails in bulk to add users.
Then you can send messages, files, links and pin those messages for everyone.  When they join the meeting, all members have access to chat before during and after the meeting.  Those considered guests will only have access to the meeting chat from the point after they join the meeting until they leave/meeting ends.