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Need an iOS URL for Zoom Rooms Controller




I am pretty surprised that this was asked for two years ago in the developer's forum and the only 'solution' I've seen so far is a guy who wrote his own app using the Zoom Rooms Controller (ZRC) API because he couldn't link to the ZRC app.


All I want to do is have the app for my control system 'call' the ZRC app.  I do this for lots of other apps now: thermostat apps, music streaming apps, lighting control apps, garage door control apps, etc.  You can also do this for plenty of native Apple apps, like music:// to go to what used to be called iTunes. 


The regular Zoom app has this iOS URL (zoomus://) as seen here:  


I want an iOS URL to launch the Zoom Rooms Controller app because my control system already manages 4 TV lifts, pop-up microphones in a long conference table, audio levels for the in-ceiling speakers, microphone muting, camera PTZ, lighting, and other sources for the televisions.  But it's the ZRC app that's going to initiate and receive video conference calls and manage the directory.  I'd like for my control app to be able to bring users directly to the ZRC app once they're ready to make a call.  Ideally the ZRC app would offer a return link to my controller's app so that once a call is in progress the user can use my control system to manage the audio, camera and lighting.


I'm not an iOS app developer, but from my understanding this is a simple declaration in the app, with another simple specification to permit returning to the calling app.  I tried to get some traction in the developer forum because I thought that was the right place, but they directed me here. 


Thanks for any help or insight you could offer.  I am not the only one looking for this, and it baffles me that there is a link to the regular Zoom app, but not to ZRC.   Are the development teams for those two apps that isolated?



Hey @audiomation, according to a past question similar to yours, we do not currently have a URL scheme for launching the Zoom Room Controller functionality programmatically, though it's a great suggestion.

We do, however, have a ZRC API, which you may find helpful. You can find the details on this here:


You can suggest any feedback to, thanks! 

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Community Champion | Zoom Employee

To add from there, you can also perform automation tasks from within the ZRC.
Using the native room controls, you can initiate your automations from within the ZRC application.  Then you don't have to switch between applications. 


Hope that helps and please make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you needed.



+1 request for IOS URL schema to launch Zoom Room Controller.

The URL can be as simple as (zoomroomus://) or similar, if your team doesn't want to invest in more useful functionality.  This is a very basic request and is very very easy to implement in your iOS build.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @zgavta-01 ,

Thank you for the feature request.  Can you please explain more about your use case for this feature?  What problem does it solve?



Our organization needs to launch the Rooms Controller application when the Zoom Rooms feature is selected in our existing AV control applications (Crestron and QSys).  An iOS URL scheme is the correct way to enable this.  IOS URL schemes are established standards, and are very easy to implement.  

The Zoom client already has URL schemes. The lack of URL scheme in Rooms Controller is either a simple oversight, or a poor decision on the part of the Rooms team -- this is especially true now that AV integration partners are abandoning support for the Rooms API since it has been poorly maintained/documented.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


I appreciate you taking the time to provide more detail on your feature request.  I will initiate a feature request for review by our product team.




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Hi - I am hoping that more than a year later this requirement has been met.  Is there a URL we can use?  Every control system used in a room with the Zoom Rooms Controller presence requires this functionality, otherwise it makes it very inconvenient for our users.