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Interaction of Zoom Room SW Audio Processing Enabled while Using an Audio DSP


Zoom Room has fully integrated background systems including an audio DSP for the mic's and speakers.  When using the Zoom Room, the mic's are sensitive and pick up whispers, pen taps, coffee mugs being set down, squeaking chairs etc.., all of which disrupts the remote speaker when he/she presents.  Obviously, muting the Zoom Room stops that audible noise.  Have worked with AV engineers to tweak the DSP configurations, settings and gating and even tried a couple of filters.  Still, the audible background noise intrusion is disruptive. 


And the in-room participants do not want to mute the room.  This has gone all the way through to the CEO and VP's who are saying that we should be able to alleviate the background noise while maintaining the sound of the remote presenter/speaker.


Has anyone else faced similar issues and were you able to overcome?  Has anyone tried enabling the software audio processing on the Zoom Room despite having your own DSP?  And even further, enabled advanced noise suppression to mitigate? 




Hey @Versiti apologies for getting to your discussion! I can see some back-end analysis and additional testing with your issues with ZR audio processing and noise suppression for this one. You can contact Zoom technical support to have them look into your issue further; if you're having trouble opening a ticket, please let me know and I'd be happy to assist you! Thanks!

Zoom Community Moderator

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