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Can I use zoom rooms in a desktop and Ipad too?

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I´m Gabriel.. I have a Pc with windows 10 Pro,  that has a RALLY Logitech Camera and 2 televisions connected and I want to install the zoom rooms and and also I have an ipad that I also want to install the zoom rooms to share and that the partipants in my conference room can they present, is it possible?





Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @GabrielG  –


Please are this Zoom Support article on Zoom Rooms:

Not that it’s not possible to set up a Zoom Room on an iPad. 

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Hi, Ray, thankyou very much, and I enter to the link and I saw that it is ossible to setup de zoom room  controller in the ipad, , but my questions is if I install the zoom rooms in an windows pc that will have installed a logi camera, and 2 tvs.. and I would like to install the zoom rooms controller in an windows pc to coonect a laptop to presentaion, I know I can put a usb with the presetation but some phisical participants wants to present in their laptops but connecting with a hdmi cable not wireless, not put the usb in the pc.. Regards