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Adding contacts from personal contacts list to zoom room contacts list


Hi, I need help to add all of my personal zoom contacts to the Zoom Room contacts list so they are avilable to anyone using the meeting rooms. We use Zoom's Newat conferance equiment in our office for our meeting rooms and we want all of our company's email acounts to be selectable on the Neat control pad. All the contacts are displaying under my personal contacts but they are not visable on the rooms contact list. I tried t oadd them all indervidualy as user's instead but when everyone recived an email to join, when they followed the link it said they connot join becasue we already have a zoom room licance and we will need to delete the licance first before they can join and they get it again after? is this rearly the only way? All I want is for my staff to be able to be invited to zoom's from the control pads without having to type out there email addresses each time. any help with this would be appreciated



The Zoom Rooms Controller app is included with the Zoom desktop client. You can find it in your Apps list. Sign in to the Zoom App Marketplace with your Zoom account. Search for “Zoom Rooms Controller” and add the app. Review the requested permissions and authorize the installation. Open the Zoom desktop client and go to the Apps tab. Click on Room Controller. Select your Zoom for Home device from the list. If you don’t see any devices, click Control Nearby Room and pair with the room you want to control. Optionally, you can start an instant meeting or view scheduled meetings.