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Record/Update Greeting for Share Line Group Lines


I am setting up a shared line group for a few users which will ring and go to voicemail. Accessing the voicemail is easy for the users but I am not finding a way for users to record or upgrade the greeting for this line. The admin of the system can do it and I dont see custom roles for shared line groups. 


How do you allow for an end user to record or update the greeting? Thanks!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

It’s complicated! Try this:

  • In Admin / Phone System Management / Call Queues…
  • Click the name of the queue, which displays settings for the selected queue
  •  Under the Profile tab, find Admin; click Set
  •  A new browser window pops up with the Role Editor (I also just noticed you can get here from Admin / User Management / Roles and click the Phone tab)
  • Click the Call Queue Management link
  • Click the Default Targets tab
  • Click the Add button and select the Queue you want to work with

 From here, you’ll have to play  around – I’m not exactly sure how you can make the exact change you want … but this should get you to the point where you have the right selection established, and can (a) create a new Role and (b) edit which users are in that role – for the specific queue

I hope that helps. If you get stuck, come back and I’ll try to dig a little farther. 

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 Thanks for the info! I think you are referring to Call Queues but I am trying to figure out how we can do this for Shared Line Groups (Phone Management > Shared Lines > Shared Line Group tab). All the user groups that you mentioned are around Call Queues and I never see a Shared Line Group show up in the roles section there. 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Yep, I missed that detail, @RyanTrauernicht!


I don’t see a way to grant permissions to members of the group to change the voice mail greeting for a Shared Line Group.


 Two suggestions:

  •  Send a feature request with some explanation of your use case to:
  • Review this Zoom Support article to see if the Call Queue can be set up to meet your overall needs, including the user access to change the voice mail greeting. It appears that Call Queues can be set to for simultaneous ringing, which may be your primary operational need.

I hope that’s more helpful!  I learn something new on posts like this … thanks for your patience. 

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Makes total sense. Thanks for the suggestion and I will add a few things that has my gears grinding to that feedback area haha. 



This is not available today on Zoom phone. I have placed a feature enhancement request to my account team. I suggest you do the same. The more names tagged to a feature request it's more likely we will see it sooner rather then later.


Hi Ryan,

I ran into this issue as well but was able to get around it by enabling the "Allow callers to check voicemail" setting on the shared line. The end user can dial the shared line and select option 2 for the voicemail menu. Then select option 2 again for recording a custom greeting.


There is a way to do this! First upload it to your Assets Library under Phone System Management >> Library. Then go:

1. Phone System Management

2. Users & Rooms

3. Shared Line

4. Shared Line Group

5. Select your group and go to Profile tab

6. Business hours/ Closed Hours

7. Overflow

8. Leave Voicemail to Current Extension

9. Edit

10. Voicemail Greeting

11. Edit