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Phone System Management


I need to set up my system with a message for the incoming caller (insurance disclaimer, in my case). In the event I don't answer, this is to be followed by instructions to leave a message.

Have tried Auto Receptionist and Call Queues setups, but this is still not working.

Can anyone help out?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Kuehnlej.


There are so many setup options to choose from, and most people don’t spend enough time in the setup area to get familiar with all the options. 

I set up a quick example Auto Receptionist with the following:


Where mine says Route to user, you probably see the default setting of Route to IVR:


Click the Edit link (green circle) and then you’ll see the Routing Option screen:


Red arrow points to default IVR, Green arrow points to User (you have to scroll up to see this!!). Select User and click the OK button, at which point you need to select the user and click the OK button. At that point, your Auto Receptionist should look like my example above. 

Your normal voicemail instructions for your extension should play if you do not answer. 

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Community Moderator | Employee
Community Moderator | Employee

Hi @Kuehnlej thank you for posting your question in the Zoom Community!


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