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Delete voicemail in Zoom client


When a voicemail is deleted in an email client (outlook for example) voicemail is deleted in Zoom. Other phone systems are able to do this I was very surprised to see Zoom is not able to do this.  This is a inconvenience to all users as they need to mange each voicemail twice in two separate applications (The email client and Zoom client). 


Community Champion | Employee
Community Champion | Employee

Hi @acbalk 


You are right. Currently, this is at a feature request level and not prioritized as there are many high priority list of items Zoom phone team is working on. 


If you let me know your company name, I can get you added to the list of customers requesting this feature.


I would also like to see this implemented. We're migrating from a 20 year old Mitel system that was able to do this.