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How can I effectively collaborate on  ZOOM NOTES during meetings and share notes with participants both in and outside of meetings? Looking for guidance and best practices. Thanks


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hello! There are many ways we collaborate with others through Zoom Notes. Here are several examples to get you started. I like to break this down from a meeting cycle view before, during, and after a meeting.


Before Meeting

  • CREATE AN AGENDA: As you are thinking about creating a meeting, go to Zoom Notes and start and agenda. Name the note the title of the meeting or based on the topic so it is easy to find when needed and clear to those you will share it with. Include a purpose or goal for the meeting along with several key points to help users understand how best to prepare for the meeting. You can also include attachments through links to documents, Zoom Whiteboards, or images that help facilitate the discussion.
  • SHARE THE NOTE AS AN AGENDA: In the note, you click Share and share the note with those you will wish to collaborate with both in or out of meeting. Provide your choice of access, view or edit, for each recipient. They will receive notifications in email and Zoom Chat notifying them there is an agenda they can access. If you grant them edit access,  you can even ask them to help build the agenda with you. 
  • ADD THE NOTE TO YOUR EVENT: Create your meeting through your Zoom Calendar or other calendar of choice Attach the Zoom Notes agenda you created to the meeting. When your guests receive the invite, they will immediately have the information they need to be prepared for the meeting. They will also be able to see the note as an attachment in their Zoom Calendar Event Panel so they can access it any time leading up to the meeting. 

During Meeting

  • JOIN THE MEETING: When you join your meeting, click the Zoom Notes icon and open your note.
  • SHARE THE NOTE TO THE MEETING: With the note open in the Zoom Meeting, click share and select the option for "Share to Meeting." This will share to everyone on the call. They will receive a pop-up asking them to join in your collaborative note. Now everyone can follow along with the agenda and collaborate with you to take notes if you have granted them edit access. 

After Meeting

  • SHARE THE NOTE AS A RECAP: After the meeting is complete, you can enter final Notes. You can copy the Note URL and share it via your Zoom Meeting's Continuous Meeting Chat or any other way you would like the notes and meeting results to be distributed. 

Other Suggestions

  • When using Zoom Meeting Summary, you can copy the summary into the Zoom Note to have everything in one place. 
  • For recurring meetings where you desire a running agenda, you can create sections in a single Note and continue to use the same note for each meeting. Attach the Note link to the recurring meeting so it is always accessible by your guests. 
  • You can also link Zoom Notes to Zoom Notes! For example, if you have a meeting with a customer that you took notes on that you want to discuss with your team, you can add that Zoom Note link into your team meeting Zoom Note. Everything in one place makes for a smoother meeting!


I hope you find new and other ways to use Zoom Notes! The sky is the limit. HAPPY MEETINGS!!!