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using screen share with dual monitors


Probably this requires OBS but hoping someone has some ideas. I will be teaching conversation using a music video. I wish to screen share as per the attached image. Two word documents open and on the side the music video. Below I'd like to have teacher and the student answering the question appear. Then another student replace the first. And so on. All students can see Monitor 1. Teacher can see students in Monitor 2.  Any possible way to open multiple windows on the desktop and accomplish this?  Or any ideas on how to do this without dual monitors. I understand that there is a side by side option but it does not work with dual monitors. Any suggestions appreciated. Mostly trying to find out if this is impossible and if so, work arounds. Will tackle OBS down the road. Thanks.



I use dual monitors every ZOOM session.  If you're on Windows (I use Windows 10, but I think they all work the same with dual monitors), just set your Display Settings - Dual Monitors - Extend these displays.  That makes the two monitors behave like one wide monitor.  You can drag any window across the boundary wherever you like, even across the monitor boundary: part on one display, part on the other.  Just  like they were on one monitor.