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scheduled meetings missing


My account has been 'upgraded' to a new format. My scheduled meetings are not accurate. One has been completely removed and the settings for that meeting were somehow moved over to the only scheduled meeting left.  I was startled when I had been waiting for a client to join our session. I  copied the link to the room and emailed her to join me. She popped in immediately when I expected her to be in the waiting room.   I am frustrated by this change. I spent way too long trying to get help and then told I had to come to the zoom community.


How do I get my previously scheduled meeting back? My clients have a link that is putting them in a the right room while I'm waiting in another.  I've had this same link for YEARS and now its just gone. 


Anyone else have this issue?  



I had the same problem!  I had 5 meetings scheduled and saved.  All of them have been removed.  I can't even enter them using the meeting passcode (says expired).  The meetings were about a sensative topic and I'm wondering if they were removed intentionally by someone at Zoom.  Also, frustrated that I can't get any help (despite having a pro account, I don't have access to the Live Chat Support--very frustrating!   

Hello @cafairman and @Yahya_VR 

We're sorry for the confusion and inconvenience. 

You can check out this article regarding locating your meetings and information regarding expired meetings.

Regarding support, you can submit a ticket on this link.

Let us know if you need further assistance.