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download Zoom Meeting NOT Zoom Workplace


Our organization has been using Zoom for several year, but now it's getting more and more difficult to use. The people who want to join a meeting have had difficultly with their existing Zoom app. Sometimes, they are given a message that Zoom must update before they can join the meeting. After the update, they are asked for a lot of information that was never requested previously. It appears the Zoom update gives them a Zoom Workplace account. When you search for a link to download the basic Zoom meeting app, the Knowledge Base says to go to the iOS App Store and search for Zoom - One Platform to Connect. There is no such app in the iOS App Store.  😠 Other links on the Zoom web site to download the Zoom app take you to downloads for Zoom Workplace. Our people don't want to join the Zoom Workplace. We just want to have basic meetings. Our organization has the Zoom One Pro plan, but most of our members have been using the free Zoom meeting app.


Please help us navigate through the Zoom waters to continue using Zoom for meetings, NOT Zoom Workplace. Where do you download the Zoom meeting app for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android? Don't send me to the Knowledge Base. Those links are all for Zoom Workplace. I've tried them; I know!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

"Zoom Workplace" is simply a new name for the "Zoom App" which is now version 6+. It is NOT a new account or a new product - it is just a new name for the same product you have been using with a lot of new and very useful functions, which you don't have to use. For all my participants, joining a meeting has gotten simpler. Meetings can be joined with a single click. From an IOS device links can be stored in notes. When clicked they go directly to the app and join the meeting - it does not require going thru a browser or finding a buried email. Just requires a little training.

In the IOS app store you can get "Zoom Workplace" for an iPhone, iPad, or Apple 4K TV (uses iphone for mic and camera if needed).

I disagree with your comments.  Like the person asking the initial question, I also find the Zoom Workplace difficult to use.


I have been asking the same question.  One of my computers has the "old" Zoom (Zoom Meetings) and one of my computers has the "new" Zoom (Zoom Workplace).  Both clients and we have had trouble with Zoom Workplace.  Also, in the old Zoom there is an AI feature called Meeting Summary which is FABULOUS. In the new Zoom this feature is gone and only option is AI Summary which I do not like.  Sure hope someone knows a way to go back to the "old" Zoom.  Also so hard to use 2 different interfaces depending on which computer I am using.  May be time to leave Zoom - it used to be so good.

Community Moderator | Employee
Community Moderator | Employee

Hello there, 

We understand your concern about being comfortable and accustomed to the old interface.
The Zoom Workplace update includes several enhancements and optimizations aimed at improving the user's experience and security. We highly encourage users to explore and utilize these new features to maximize your Zoom experience.

Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?


Today, I opened the regular zoom on my laptop to join a meeting.  I was forced to update. I joined the meeting and suddenly the display changed, and I could not interact with anyone in the meeting. The video icon disappeared, the audio icon as well, and also chat and reactions were gone. I had no way to participate when called upon to speak. Apparently the host and other participants could still see my icon as active and were baffled as to why I wasn't participating. So frustrating!!!!