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Zoom menus not working in 5.17.11 (3835) with Fedora 38 and MATE desktop


I had Zoom running fine on my Fedora 38 system with MATE desktop.  I had to update to today, and now the "View", "Security", and "More" menus in Zoom no longer work.  There's a brief flash when I click on those menus, but the menu never shows up.

Poking around in the log file, I see things like this when is running:

file:///opt/zoom/QtQuick/Controls/Styles/Base/FocusFrameStyle.qml: No such file or directory
file:////BusyIndicatorStyle.qml: No such file or directory

Qt Quick Layouts: Detected recursive rearrange. Aborting after two iterations.


There are no files in /opt/zoom/QtQuick/Controls/Styles/Base, there is an images directory but it is empty.


Looking at the .rpm installer, the FocusFrameStyle.qml file is in



I tried removing Zoom and reinstalling but that did not fix the problem or the missing files.


Anyone else seeing this?