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Simultaneous Meetings with more than 2 hosts

I have a few clarifying questions that I wasn't able to answer via Zoom's Learning Center and Zoom Support Documents (Hosting multiple meetings simultaneously).
According to the support document linked above, "Licensed users on Business, Education, and Enterprise accounts can host up to 2 meetings at the same time. Both meetings need to be started by the original meeting host or by an alternative host." Given that information, consider the following scenario:
Math Academy (MA) sets up its classrooms as recurring meetings without a fixed time where the host and participants simply click the zoom link which uses a randomly generated meeting ID. On Tuesday at 4:30PM EST, there are five active classrooms:
  • 1st Grade Class with Mr. Blue at 4:30PM EST
  • 2nd Grade Class with Ms. Green at 4:30PM EST
  • Pre-Algebra Class with Ms. Red at 4:30PM EST
  • 4th Grade Class with Mr. Brown at 4:30PM EST
  • 5th Grade Class with Ms. Yellow at 4:30PM EST
Assuming each of these meetings are hosted on separate devices by licensed users (specifically an Education License) and each class is its own recurring meeting with a unique meeting ID, can our employees host these meetings on the same day and at the same time with a total of 10 participants per recurring meeting?
Some more clarifying information:
  1. All recurring meetings were created with MA's Zoom Business Account, but this zoom account is only there to schedule meetings not host them
  2. None of the teachers have been added as alternative hosts in these recurring meetings. They're just clicking the link with the expectation they'll get let in as a host because they're on MA's Users List.
  3. All of the teachers have licensed accounts connected to MA's Zoom Account (so they would all show up in the "Users" list)
  4. Each of these classes/recurring meetings would have a TA that acts as a co-host that is also licensed and connected to Math Plus Academy's Zoom Account. They're not included as alternative hosts.
  5. All users/accounts have the most updated version of Zoom.




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@laylampa - This would not work since they were not listed as alternative hosts, so MA would be listed as the host of all of the calls.  


Possible solutions: Have the MA Account list all/some of the teachers as alt-hosts, have the MA Account schedule on behalf of the individual teachers, purchase an add-on to increase the number of concurrent meetings you can have.