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Zoom for Google Workspace add-on not getting calendar updates or deletes


We have a system that needs to keep our internal platform, Zoom, and Google-Calendar all in sync. To do so we have built a Zoom webhook handler that subscribes to Zoom webhook events, and an app that publishes the events:
- meeting.created

- meeting.updated

- meeting.deleted

- meeting.ended


All of our users have the Zoom addon for Google workspace installed and configured. 


Creating meetings via Zoom Scheduler & Google calendar are working mostly as expected. The only issue is that when a meeting is created via Google calendar, the Zoom webhook event doesn't have the meeting invitees (maybe google isn't sending the participants to Zoom?). 

The problem: Changes to events in Google Calendar are not triggering a meeting.updated or a meeting.deleted event in the Zoom webhook. I don't have much documentation to troubleshoot to know if this is a feature they even support. For example, if you change the time of the meeting, change participants, or delete the meeting in Google calendar, Zoom doesn't appear to be getting those updates and as a result, trigger a webhook event.