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Zoom currently not working with high end audio interfaces


I use Zoom to teach online music lessons using an RME UFX+. It's a USB 3.0 audio interface with a LoopBack feature. Zoom needs an update to allow a higher audio channel count. In order to get Zoom to work right now (with the UFX+) I have to restart my M2 Max MacBook with the UFX+ still running so that the UFX+ accidentally goes into USB 2.0 mode which only allows for 30 in/30 out. In USB 3.0 mode, the UFX+ has 96 in/96 out. This higher audio channel count in USB 3.0 mode crashes the current iteration of Zoom. Zoom didn't used to crash for this reason, but it does now. It has me looking into other video conferencing apps until Zoom fixes it. I have to imagine there are many of us out there experiencing this difficulty with the current iteration of Zoom. 



Yes, Zoom needs an Upgrade urgently! It has a build in "High-Fidelity Music Mode" that was implimented for us musicians to use it without any noise filters, but we can't use our professional audio Interfaces (in my case the RME UFX III) without Zoom crashing??? That's a joke.

And this problem seems to have existed for years. So many updates of the software and it still hasn't been solved. Such a shame.


May I asked, which software you are using as a substitute for Zoom in the mean time?


Thank You and have a great weekend.


PS: I'm using a Mac Studio M2 Max running MacOS Sonoma and the latest RME Driver version 4.10


This problem with Zoom is relatively new for me and the UFX+ ( within the past year). You can get it to work but the workaround is a pain in the rear. You need to put your  UFX into USB 2.0 mode (instead of USB 3.0). I do it by restarting the Mac with UFX still on. There’s another way to do it, but that’s how I do it. Once in USB 2.0 mode, the channel count is limited to 30 in/ 30 out and Zoom won’t crash. 
This is a relatively new problem.  Seems like Zoom could fix it if Zoom wanted to.