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Zoom audio issue - sound bowls




I use crystal sound bowls as music on some of my zoom calls but for some reason, my clients can no longer hear the bowls. They don't hear anything when I play them, no matter how loud they get.


I know it has something to do with the audio settings. I fixed it once a few months ago but I can't get the sound no matter what settings I choose.


I've attached 2 photos. Anyone online that I have looked, it says to change some settings under "advanced" but my advanced settings only has the option for "echo cancellation". 


Does anyone have any advice?


Thank you! 


(I have attache a few pictures of my settings)


Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 1.35.24 PM.pngScreenshot 2023-08-25 at 1.34.35 PM.pngScreenshot 2023-08-25 at 1.39.14 PM.png



Same here

No solutions so far. 




I too, am having this issue in the last month. It never was a problem before. 

Have you received any help with it? 

I have tried sending a message to customer support and have not heard back.

Thank you


No, I've gotten no help at all with this issue. If you do hear anything back, I'd love to know what they suggest.


Hi MaryEllen,

I'm a sound practitioner too. 🙂

Step 1: In your first screen shot, under "Audio Profile" change it to "original sound for musicians". Right now you have it set on "live performance audio" with is currently in BETA mode and doesn't work with the sound bowls.

Step 2: when you play your sound bowls you must turn  ON "original sound for musicians" On a professional zoom account, using a MAC it is in the top left-hand corner. 

Happy Sound Healing!

hello thanks for your answer - when you say professional you mean to sign up for a paid account correct? And pro works? 


thanks, I just tried a session and nothing was able to be picked up. 


Hi. Yes, paid account and also an unpaid one. Both work. Maybe try on a different device to see if it works. 

Hi Attuning,

I was aware of that «original sound» but when I talk only, There are more noises from the surroundings like the noise of the computer. Any thoughts about that? I play crytals only at the end of my online yoga class. And streaming on facebook as well via OBS. So even if it is good on zoom still the same problem on facebook. Thanks!



You can toggle off and on the original sound. So when you are speaking just turn off the original sound and then turn it on when you are going to do your sound bowls. 😊

Yes, it is for sound of the instruments or bowls to come in clear. I would suggest turning musicians on when you just play the bowls. Thanks!


Doing as suggested above, mine worked. Yes, I have a paid account. 


I have a pro account as well, and I use "Original Sound For Musicians" and I am in a studio environment. But the voice come through ok, but as soon as I hit the bowl with a very sensitive condensor mike, it just doesn't come through at all. I just booked a year account, so how to work with this, I use zoom only for sound learning and online events. 



@moreeazy did you get the sound of the bowl through with the sensitive microphone? I am planning to invest on a set of microphones and mixer to have good quality sound but now I am not sure after reading all of this if it even makes sense to do so....Do any of the other sound healers use microphones and mixers? I appreciate your feedback, thank you