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Zoom User Group SAML Response Mapping Advanced


I am working on setting up SAML response mapping to assign users to user groups using the advanced response mapping feature of the saml integration. What I am wondering, is if there is an 'all else' or a 'not' identifier.


My specific example:

I want to split all users into AI Enabled group or AI Not Enabled groups. I have a SAML attribute that we use across multiple platforms for AI Enablement called "AIEnablement." It is a multi string value. If the string contains Zoom, I want the user in the AI Enabled group in Zoom. If it DOESN'T contain zoom, then I want them in the other group. 

So is there a way to either use the "Value Contained" section of the SAML information mapping to say Not:'Zoom'? If so, how would I format that?

My other thought was, in place of that, could I set a group to be all member EXCEPT those contained in X user group?

Any and all advice and thoughts are appreciated.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@MattMoffat if you scroll to the bottom of the mapping section, below advanced mapping, there is a section for SAML Auto Mapping.  You can enter default values here for what to use if nothing matches in the advanced mapping section.  


Unfortunately, there is not a "Not" option, but I will say that the logic will search for values that contain the data you enter.  Therefore, if you want to assign all users who are in a "Not AI" department to the no AI group, entering "Not AI" would capture "IT - Not AI" and "MArketing - Not AI" in the same statement.