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Zoom Meeting Connector disappear


We have been subscribed to an enterprise zoom

In accordance to our organization policy, we need to build an on premise or in this case zoom hybrid (Meeting Connector and Recording Connector) that allows us to have meeting server under our own network environment

We have built it last year and run it (running well). But then just recently, we encountered problem in our DC that forcing us to rebuild the Meeting Connector and Recording Connector.

In the process of rebuilding the Meeting Connector and Recording Connector,  we could not find the Meeting Connector tab under the Admin Panel > Advanced to allowed us to download the image file and obtained the token,
and also the on premise user type is being disabled (in the user management panel)


Based on the zoom release note for February  27, 2022
Zoom has disable the meeting connector for all new users but will not impact who already deployed it


So basically we can call it an accidental matter


We would like to  ask for the Zoom team to activate the function or feature of Meeting Connector so that we could continue the setup

Thank you very much for the attention, we greatly appreciated any given support to resolved the matter



We come across the same issue.

BTW, have you got you issue fixed?


We are still have the issue, and hoping that we could actually find a reply that provided us with zoom pic contact that could help us to resolve the issue


We have submitted a ticket to zoom support and sales team but none could help us to reactivate the feature 


Hope to find the contact information or clear and straight procedure related to it 


Thank you

we also lost the metting connector tab from the 26th aperel. When clicking on a direct link, it writes that there is no access.
There were no notifications or warnings. They just turned it off and that's it... that's it.I wrote to the chat and couldn't help quickly...we have created a ticket, but how long to wait....