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Zoom Desctop auto uninstalls


On my laptop. the zoom desctop client uninstalls itself randomly. i can even sit in a meeting and it uninstalls itself. just today it has happended 4 times from 8 til 12.


I have tried the following: 

  • Forced uninstall then install
  • Checking app security in case windows 11 have a problem with the app and found NOTHING
  • added zoom to trusted apps
  • updated apps and windows

Stil. uninstalls itself..... i am turning to hatespeach!



The same thing keeps happening to me. Imagine, as a user, having the expectation that an app just works since you installed it once. No, instead I have to "prep" for every meeting by making sure that:


1) The app hasn't removed itself from my computer (again)

2) The app will actually have the background effects that it's supposed to have (I just want to blur my background)

3) Let it crash once or twice, then reboot the PC, just to get it to work (and still be missing background effects)


I haven't found a fix for this and I'm sure a moderator won't approve my message. Again.