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Virtual Background doesn't work on Manjaro Linux client


OS: Manjaro Linux

Kernel: 6.1.77-2-MANJARO
Client: 5.17.11-1

CPU: Intel Core i7-2670QM

GPU: NVIDIA GF116M [GeForce GT 560M]


Issue: Unable to select a virtual background


Behavior: When I go into Settings > Virtual Background, I'm able to click on the default images and the reticle surrounds the clicked image, indicating it has been selected.  However, my video background does not change, and when I navigate away from the Virtual Background page and then back, the reticle is once again on the "None" entry.  I am able to add new images to the Virtual Background selection list but the behavior is as described above.


Tried fixes: selected each background, added a new background and selected it, logged out and back in, closed app and deleted ~/.zoom and logged in again