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Video with Green Screen stopped working properly




I noticed last night while running my usual Zoom meeting that I started becoming translucent while using my green screen setup. When I check the settings in Background & Effects, I have "I have a green screen" selected, but the usual option to select the color of the background is no longer present. I'm not sure if this missing option that was present before is a symptom of the overall problem or just a coincidence. I have tried toggling the "I have a green screen" option, changed video sources, toggled the Virtual background option in the Zoom profile under Settings-> Meeting -> In Meeting (Advanced), but none of those changes had any effect. I've rebooted the computer, reinstalled the client to the latest version (5.17.11). I'm running hardware with an i5 2.4Ghz. I've tried running on another computer and also noticed the same problem with me going in and out of view with the green screen. The other computer also had the option to select the color of the background missing. I'm not sure what's changed in the last day or so, was it a recent client update? Any ideas?