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Unwanted desktop application functionality and customer alienation


I use Zoom meetings and Zoom phone for my consulting business. I used to like having one app for meetings and phone, but the increasingly unwanted advertising and general nagging is causing me to re-evaluate my choice of Zoom.

In no particular order:


- I pay for Meetings and Phone. Make them prominent in the desktop app. Unless I have the app taking up a lot of desktop real estate, I have to click "..." to even find Phone, yet the "Mail" and "Calendar" show all the time, and I have zero (I repeat zero) interest in using them. 

- Stop trying to sell me crap every time I launch Zoom. If I want another Zoom service, I'll let you know, but get your nagging virtual salesperson and your irrelevant special offers off my desktop. Seriously, if I need to host a meeting with 500 people I'll let you know. Go away.


- I don't want to connect Zoom to my email and calendar. I don't want "Zoom Mail." Let users disable the "Mail" and "Calendar" tabs. They're just noise and make me dig through an extra menu to get to "Phone" -- which I pay for! I do not want to give Zoom or any Zoom app access to my email account. It's a terrible idea. It's not going to happen, and prompting me to log in all the time is just annoying.

- I'm a consultant and already have Signal, Slack and Teams running. I don't need yet another chat app. I don't want another chat app. I already have too many things demanding my attention. Make Zoom "Team Chat" optional. Get it off my desktop.


- I don't want "Zoom Apps." Seriously, stop adding bloat to the app. I want meetings and phone. Make the rest go away.