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Send recording links to a different email address


We have all of our meetings scheduled through my Zoom account, but they are often run by others who have scheduling privileges. The recording links always go to me, the person who's account was used to schedule the meetings. This is fine when I'm in the office because I can forward the links on to the actual presenter, but when I'm not working the recordings are unavailable to the person who actually presented.


Is there a way to have recording links sent to the presenter or a different email address I could specify rather than always to the person who the meeting was scheduled for? Or can the recordings be made available to them through the web interface somehow?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

There is a setting for 'Send a copy to the Alternative Hosts' under Email Notifications in Account Settings. Screen shot attached. Hope that helps!

I think this would work for webinars, but doesn't seem to do anything for meetings.

Hoping to find a solution within Zoom rather than a third party plugin.