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Seeing black screen when OTHERS share screen. Have to leave mtg & return for it to work!

Issue Summary:

Zoom screen sharing issue (FRUSTRATING): When OTHERS share their screen, about 70% of the time, I see a black screen, instead of the shared content. (Issue occurs about 50% of the time - seems to happen with some user's call more than others).


Temporary workaround -

I found an effective, but annoying workaround (since I often miss an important part of the meeting by having to leave and return):

If I leave meeting and return (causing me to miss 1 minute or more of the meeting), then after returning to the SAME meeting, then the screen sharing loads: "UserXYZ has started screen sharing" message appears in the middle of the screen , after which the shared content loads. This workaround always works.


Ironically last year, I bought a NEW 13th Gen Intel i7 computer (64GB RAM, RTX3070Ti GPU etc.) and the issue persists...


This issue seems to have started with one of the Zoom versions... Happening for over 16 months now!

Note - When I share my screen in Zoom, it works fine and others are able to see my screen.

HOWEVER, as noted above, when others share their screen in their meetings, at least 70% of the time I get a black screen instead


While I have 2 other very new PCs, the desktop replacement laptop which I was using for work and Zoom was an older PC from 2017 (although it worked well overall since it has / had 32GB RAM a decent I7 at the time (which still worked well) and an nVidia GPU).

I was hoping the issue with Zoom was due to it being an older GPU, so I decided since it had been 6 years, perhaps it was not a bad time to upgrade anyway and this way Zoom would work fine.

I got new 13th Gen I7, 32GB (for now), RTX 3070Ti desktop with 2 SSDs (a top rated machine). For the first two Zoom calls, the screen sharing by others worked, so I thought the new GPU had helped. However, on the 3rd call, the issue resurfaced!!!

When people share in Teams in works 100% of the time.


I already checked Zoom's support articles, but they did not help:

  1. The main workaround says to use integrated graphics, whereas my old and new PCs that I use for work both only have Nvidia GPUs, so the use 'integrated graphics option is not in the Nvidia control panel in my case. (Side note - I do have two other laptops that I occasionally use for work, but not often).

  2. The other settings changes mentioned are numerous (not a big deal, happy to try them all) seem to be for when others cannot see my screen share, whereas my issue is the reverse - I cannot see 80% of the time when OTHERS share... Then I drop and rejoin and it works fine; really odd. I tried some of the settings changes such as disabling hardware acceleration, among other settings changes, but none of them helped - the issue persists.

I cannot uninstall and reinstall the Zoom app on my work computer since I do not have Administrative privileges on it. I will contact our support team, but I am not optimistic given a prior experience...


Any tips on how to resolve this would be helpful!



Additional info (since the system will not allow editing of the original post any longer):


Setup - My home PC is connected to my work Cloud based PC using a VMware app.

For Zoom specifically, I have the 'Zoom client' software running on my home PCs. However, the main Zoom application itself is installed on the Cloud based work computer (Windows) and that is where all the Zoom software / application video & sharing settings are maintained