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Screen Sharing Tabbed Apps from a Mac


When screen sharing a tabbed app from my Mac (eg, Pages, Finder), the screen share applies to a single specific tab of the app, and when selecting the screen to share, I must select the tab I wish to be viewed.  If, whilst sharing my screen, I change the tab I am viewing,  screen sharing is  immediately suspended, and my audience continue to see on their screens the original tab.  In order to switch sharing from tab to tab I must stop sharing, and then start it again, explicitly selecting  the  tab I wish to share on each occasion


This is very annoying, and completely breaks the flow of what I am explaining, whilst the continual stopping and starting of sharing is confusing to the audience.  Multiple tabs are an essential part of my work.  For example, I might need to edit 4 different documents at the same time in Pages, and to switch between documents.   This is a natural and convenient way of working.    However,  if I am sharing my (for example) Pages screen during a Zoom call  to demonstrate to the other attendees what I am doing, the flow is interrupted each time I need to switch tabs.


I have no idea if this is also a feature of screen sharing on platforms other than the Mac, but either way it strikes me as a serious and unintuitive limitation, and a significant defect in Zoom's  otherwise excellent screen sharing facility.