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Reporting abusive behavior in a meeting


In the past when someone joined my meeting and began using abusive language it's been easy for me to remove them and report them to zoom by just clicking the appropriate button as it automatically popped up.


The last two times I removed someone I was required to enter my email address to complete the reporting process. 


This is very cumbersome and ineffective for me. 


I'm frustrated by this change in the system and would appreciate being able to remove and report them the same way as in the past. 


Please let me know what I need to do differently to ensure I'll be able to remove and report someone without having to physically enter my email address. 


Thank  you,




I wish it was possible to disable this reporting stuff as well. As it is the process slows me down when I get bombed and I have to remove 2 or 3 people quickly... which happens a lot for me and my group.


It isn't like I have ever seen any value from the reports that I am sending in. I have *never* seen a follow-up worth anything (other than automated email with information that I already know).