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Reminders popping up for meetings that moved to a different time

Zoom Partner
Zoom Partner

Ever since the first day I started usingzoom, I receive reminders for meetings that moved to a different time.  So the reminder is not suncing up with the meeting time that is on my Outlook calendar.  I also very often (I don't believe it is 100 percent of the time) will also receive a reminder for a time that I initally clicked on to open up a new invite but never actually saved/scheduled the meeting at that time.  How can I make this stop?



This comes to the Outlook integration with Zoom. Zoom provides robust API documentation but there are gaps in the integrations third party calendars offer. You have two options. You could update both your onzoom and outlook each time you want to make an update to your Zoom meetings. If you want to automate this there is a Zoom marketplace app, Salepager, that integrates with both Zoom and Outlook and can update both and ensure reminders are sent at the correct time.