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Recent Zoom Desktop Update Removed All Microsoft Outlook Contacts


Until today I could go to the Zoom desktop app (Windows), start typing a contact to invite and it would pop up their contact within my Zoom, which I could click to auto-fill the invitee info.  These contacts came from my Outlook email.  After a recent update, I can no longer do this.  All of my Outlook contacts are gone from Zoom.


I tried to reconnect my Zoom account to my Microsoft account.  I followed the instructions in this article:


However I get an error when trying to log in with my Office 365 personal account.  It says you need to use a business account (see attached).  Why?


I have never had an issue with this before.  How do I get Zoom to connect to Microsoft?  I pay for Office 365 so I don't understand why I can't integrate just because it's not a business account.



I am having the very same problem.  Just started today.  I had a note to update my password and after doing so, I cannot connect with Exchange Outlook and must manually cut and paste my invites through Outlook which is annoying