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Query re accuracy of Zoom Analytics




Hoping someone can help.  We have several recordings that have the following parameters set when it comes to attendees viewing a recording.


• Attendees must register in order to gain access

• The option for them to download fhe recording is turned off.


When checking the analytics, i am able to see the name, email address and number of minutes viewed.  


I thought we would be able to keep a record if somebody watched part of the recording and then revisited it later in the day as each viewing requires a login.  We have several instances where this has happened and we have been able to see the entire recording has been viewed in 2-3 sittings.


However, I am curious to know, if there is any possibility that somebody could part watch a meeting (eg 43 minutes of a 120 minute recording) and carry on watching the remainder of the recording later that day without having to log back in (and consequently not have the additional viewing time recorded)? 

Many thanks.