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Prompted Updates and the upcoming 9-month policy


The email announcing the 9-month policy sent on August 31 included the following:


 Starting in September, we will introduce a prompted update to help customers update to the latest version of the Zoom client. If you have prompted updates turned off for your organization, you will not see the prompt.


I'm not quite sure what this says is going to happen.  Speaking with a few of my participants, some have seen prompts to update recently (the prompts suggested, but did not force an upgrade).  Other participants have not.  None of them were running the very latest release, but I suspect (am not certain) that those who received the prompt were further out of date than those who did not. 


My specific questions:

Will participants with clients older than 5.5.0 (the minimum release needed on 11/1/21) be prompted to update prior to 11/1?  How much prior?


I am hoping that the answers are: "Yes" and "At least four weeks prior". 


Many thanks.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @WWLL-Zoom-Admin 


I expect that come Nov. 1, 2021, for example, clients older than 5.5.0 will be prompted to update. If they accept, I would guess they would be auto-updated to the latest version. If they deny, I would imagine they could (manually) download and install an intermediate version, if they really wanted to, as a workaround. That would buy them some time - but ultimately this will be a 9-month rolling window.


I guess this would apply to non corporate controlled installations anyway.







Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Zoom updates are rarely set as Prompted updates, meaning that Zoom proactively tells users there is a new update available (unless they are on a managed device/installation, which can prevent that update notification) 

As @Rupert said, come Nov. 1st, the 9-month release window goes into effect and users on versions outside that window will be required to update to the latest (or can install a specific version if they have access to that specific installer). I am not aware of any other planned "prompted" updates between now and Nov., but Zoom will evaluate as we get closer to that enforcement date.