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Pro Tip #6 - Troubleshooting missing profile pictures when video off

Community Champion | Employee
Community Champion | Employee

Hi everyone,

I’ve compiled a list of possible reasons for why your profile picture is not being displayed in meetings with your video off and ways to fix them. Please keep in mind, some of these will be things you can check and address on your end as a participant, while others may be something the host of the meeting has to change on their end. 


Common causes and solutions: 

  • Are you signed-in to the desktop or mobile app? 
    • Most meeting attendees will click on the join link, which opens the web browser and redirects to the desktop or mobile app, but that process doesn’t automatically include you signing-in to the Zoom app. If you’re not signed-in to your account, then the app doesn’t know which user’s profile picture to download and display for others in the meeting. To resolve this, while outside of a meeting, open the Zoom app and sign-in to your Zoom account. Be sure to check the Stay signed in box to avoid this in the future. Once that is done, you can still join meetings via the link, but authentication should already be handled.  
  • Are you signed-in to the correct account? 
    • Your name is displayed correctly and you might even be signed-in to a Zoom account on the app, but are you signed in to the same account with the profile picture? Occasionally, users will accidentally create a duplicate profile with a different email address or login method (Google, Facebook, or Apple) and be signed-in to one account on the web site and a completely different one on the app. 
    • The easiest way to check this is to compare the Personal Meeting ID (PMI) listed on your listed on your profile page with the PMI listed on the Meetings tab of the Zoom app. 
      If they match, then you’re in the same account on both.
      If they don’t match, sign out and switch accounts. You may then upload the picture to your primary account.
    • Keep in mind, you might have uploaded a picture to your profile, but for the other account. Figure out which account you want to be your primary account, then upload the picture and stay signed in to only that account. 
  • Are you attending a meeting or a webinar? 
    • Meetings will allow everyone to see everyone else as a participant, whereas a webinar only allows the host and other designated panelists to be visible to everyone. If you don’t see any video options on your control toolbar, it's likely you’re attending a webinar and there is nothing you can do from your end to display your profile picture.  

Things that only the host can check and fix: 

  • The host has the Hide participant profile pictures in a meeting setting enabled on their account
    • If this is enabled for the host’s account, then all their meetings will not display a profile picture, even if everything mentioned above is correct. 
    • Hosts cannot change this setting during a live meeting, so it's best to provide that feedback to the host before the next session. Keep in mind that they may have a specific reason to hide profile pictures. 
  • The host has disabled profile pictures through in-meeting security settings 
    • If the host has checked the Hide Profile Pictures option, then all participants’ profile pictures will be hidden while that option is enabled.  
    • The host can disable this during a live meeting, so reach out to the host through in-meeting chat to request showing your profile picture. Keep in mind that they may have a specific reason to hide profile pictures. 




Hi Bort! 🙂 Is there a way to message you privately? I'm trying to get an audio transcript from one of my recordings. I found an article from someone in the Zoom support community which said that we should send you a private message with the meeting ID and start time to get transcripts. Thank you!! 



Hi, please help! I have a new problem on my new s9 ultra galaxy tablet. My camera turns me 90degrees randomly, annoying all in my meetings. Any idea why this is happening? I've reinstalled zoom and abled and disabled auto rotate on the tablet. There's no video options on Android tablet apart from background thanks