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Pre-assign attendees to breakout rooms


I wonder if there is a solution to our challenge.

We are a charity that offers support to professionals whose roles have been made redundant. We meet (via Zoom) every Monday evening. We have up to 20 new members and approx 40 existing members join our Zoom meetings. When we publish our meetings, we ask members to register to the Zoom meeting first. We therefore know by the time the meeting starts who is likely to attend.

The first part of the meeting (30 minutes) is to split attendees into 2 Breakout Rooms (one for Induction for new members and the other for Networking for existing members).

During the registration process we ask whether members are new or existing to make it easier for the Zoom Host to assign members to the correct breakout room. This process, however, can be daunting when 30-40 members join the meeting at 7pm and need to be assigned manually.

My question:

Could the information we collect during registration (email address and whether induction or networking room is required)  be used to automatically pre-assign members to their desired Breakout Room rather than doing it manually?

Thank You